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The Devils Work by Mark Edwards

The Devil's WorkThe Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I don’t know what else to say.

To start off I should say that I’m a huge fan of Mark Edwards (“Follow You Home” is one of my all-time favorite books. Go buy it now. I’ll wait.)

His novels are creepy and gruesome without being over-the-top. I am hooked.

And this one does not disappoint.

“The Devils Work” follows a young woman named Sophie who is returning to work after an extended maternity leave. Then weird things start happening. Nothing major just small out of the ordinary events that begin to push Sophie toward the edge of sanity. Is someone out to get her? If so, who is it – and why? Can it be tied to the mysterious tragedy involving friends in college?

I finished this book in one day, that’s how hooked I was. Edwards has the ability to grab you and hope you into the story from the very beginning. Even after just one or two chapters you can’t wait to find out what is happening.

And I couldn’t.

Now I will say, I still like “Follow You Home,” a little better. This one was just slightly more predictable though the ending is fairly surprising. But it wasn’t be out of the blindside that FYH had. As in his other stories, the devil is in the details and piecing those details together leads to the epic conclusion.

I highly recommend this and any other owner Mark Edwards’ work.

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