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Blood Defense by Marcia Clark

I’m currently reading “Moral Defense” by Marcia Clark (yes, THAT Marcia Clark) and am excited, since it’s the second in a series, and I loved the first, “Blood Defense.” As I work on that, I wanted to be sure to share my review of “Moral Defense” and introduce you to Samantha Brinkman.
Blood Defense (Samantha Brinkman, #1)Blood Defense by Marcia Clark

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m still processing this book….it’s an amzing tour de force by an author who manages to show you a realistic portrayal of courtroom drama, without boring you with the day-to-day drudgery. If you love mysteries and thrillers: BUY. THIS. BOOK.

The storyline follows Samantha Brinkman, a young lawyer, and her employees in her new private criminal defense practice. They land the case of the century: the double-murder of a young starlet and her roommate. The defendant claims he didn’t do it – and it looks like he might not have. Or did he?

As more weird coincidences start appearing, Samantha, Michelle, and Alex head into the eye of the storm to find a way to clear their client.

Obviously, Clark knows what goes on behind the scenes in these big cases and she serves up the best pieces of what we’e come to love from legal thrillers like Law and Order.

I don’t want to give away too many details, but this isn’t your Harlan Coben balls-to-the-wall thriller with turns everywhere. It’s a slowly unravelling story which keeps you guessing until the very end. And I did not see the ending coming. Not in any way.

The legal thriller questions what it means to be innocent and what it means to get justice. And in the end – I’m still sitting here shaking my head! It’s incredible. Read it until the last page, please.

I’ll definitetly be picking up the next in this series.

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