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The Silent Children by Amna Boheim

The Silent ChildrenThe Silent Children by Amna K. Boheim
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just in time for the cold, wintry nights when you’re looking for a ghost story to creep you out, comes “The Silent Children,” a past-meets-present novel that isn’t quite what you’d expect.

Max’s estranged mother sends him a cryptic letter asking for him to seek out a childhood friend who was forced to flee Vienna. She says he has a “missing link,” but not to what. Meanwhile, after her death, Max is left to deal with his rich – but often tragic – family’s estate and children’s Trust, but far from simple, he begins experiencing weird sensations in the house. All this is set against Pre-WWII Vienna, where we learn the origins of all the chaos, and how it may affect the present.

My description cannot do this book justice. It is an amazing, creepy tale that just rocks you until the last page. It’s like a horror movie that doesn’t let up.

And it doesn’t happen the way you think. I figured WWII would factor hugely into things, but it didn’t really. Not to spoil anything, but it’s more of a personal story of a family rather than a societal outrage story.

It does have paranormal elements, but not overwhelmingly so. I didn’t feel like the plot at any point became absurd or completely outrageous. It’s definitely the type of book that will make you check the locks at night.

As I said, read to the last page, don’t skim or give up. It’s necessary.

Not that you’ll want to give up on this creep-fest, which I give five-out-of-five screams!

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