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Two Lovers, Six Deaths by Gretta Mulrooney

Two Lovers, Six DeathsTwo Lovers, Six Deaths by Gretta Mulrooney
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m torn about this one. I truly am.

On one hand, it’s a solid mystery that kept me reading to find out what happened. But on the other – the titular “twist” was a dud, and I can’t account for two of the “six deaths.” So….yeah.

The book opens with the suicide note written by Dominic Merrell, in which he confesses to killing his girlfriend. However, his estranged wife (who Merrell had left for the now-dead girlfriend), doesn’t believe he had it in him and hires Tyrone Swift to investigate. Swift learns that no one believes Dominic could have murdered his young, but mysterious girlfriend. So who did? And why? That is the central mystery of the novel, of course.

It wasn’t a bad plot either. It’s a classic who-dunnit, with some good turns to keep things moving along. I enjoyed it. But it certainly was no twist-filled thriller. Part of the picture would emerge, then another, then ok, we were done. I actually was waiting for the twist to come when the book ended. Like, I thought I missed something.

Everything turned out tidy – nice and cozy, in terms of a subplot involving a Syrian teenager who needed help – but I certainly wouldn’t say the plot was a shocker.

Also, I could have done without the personal storyline between Swift and his former lover, who is back with her husband but pregnant from a one-night stand with Swift. It was too melodramatic and I, frankly, didn’t find myself rooting for anyone involved. I was hoping Swift would get some sense knocked into him and forget about Ruth, only contacting her to set up visits for the baby. But that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately.

So, proceed with caution on this one. It’s worth the read for the solid mystery and to see if you can figure it out before the big reveal – but it’s not going to knock your socks off.

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