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Snowblind by Ragnar Jónasson

Snowblind (Dark Iceland)Snowblind by Ragnar Jónasson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fans of old-fashioned detective novels will love this Scandinavian thriller which pulls readers into a small Icelandic community, buried in snow as it confronts two gruesome episodes.

The main character is Ari Thor, a young police officer who leaves Reykjavik for a small northern town, where everyone knows everything about everyone. Things get interesting when the town’s most famous resident dies under strange circumstances, followed shortly after by a violent attack on a young woman. All of this as the town is enveloped in heavy snow, which, at a point, literally traps the residents in town.

This book isn’t a Dan Brown or Harlan Coben-style fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller. It’s a classic whodunnit, with pieces slowly falling into place. I enjoyed that you got to slowly see everything fall into place. By the end of the novel, I was really flipping pages to see how it all unfolded.

There’s a lot of background on every character, and this causes the book to run slow in the first quarter. But it’s worth sticking with, for sure. The devil in this story is in the details, and it all comes together beautifully, if a little bit frustrating (I don’t want to give spoilers here, but yeah).

Also, some of the interpersonal storylines were not resolved, which leads me to believe that this is a series which will continue. It was a little bit frustrating because I wanted to know how it all ended (there’s a love triangle), but I guess that’s part of reading a series of books.

Overall, I’d definitely pick up the next in the series.

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