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Hope’s Peak by Tony Healey

Hope's Peak (Harper and Lane, #1)Hope’s Peak by Tony Healey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is dark. Like, really dark. If you want a happy ending, skip this one.

But it’s also very good, in terms of thrillers. It has a definite “Psycho” vibe, a movie which the author mentions in the novel. Fans of the movie will certainly enjoy this book. Like the movie, it’ll scare the pants off of you.

The novel follows Jane Harper, who at the beginning of the novel is at the scene of the second ritualistic murder in recent weeks. She thinks a budding serial killer may be on the loose, but as her and her partner, Stu, are beginning their investigation, they find out the murders go back much farther. The first victim’s daughter, plays a big role in their investigation, with her host for being able to “see” things when she touches emotionally-charged people or objects. But she’s been fragile since her mother’s death – cut off from the outside world. There’s also a sub-plot involving Harper and Stu’s personal relationship.

The book isn’t a whodunnit, since readers are let in on the killer’s identity fairly early on, it’s more about watching the investigation unfold and wondering what is going to happen next. And the author does a good job of still keeping the suspense high even though the traditional “killer reveal” isn’t on the table. I really didn’t feel disappointed with the author’s choice in that regard.

Also, the paranormal aspect is fairly light, which keeps the believability high. I could see many Idas out there, watching life pass by with all its secrets and stories. And that’s the key to a good thriller like this: making the reader believe this could really happen.

In the end, that paranormal element allows for all the pieces to be put together and provide some closure in a neat way.

Based on the subtitle, the author intends to make a series of books about Jane and Ida’s unique relationship. I look forward to the next in the series.

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