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Midnight Obsession by Melinda Leigh

Midnight Obsession (Midnight, #4)Midnight Obsession by Melinda Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Melinda Leigh has crafted a great romantic suspense novel that will appeal to fans of Lisa Jackson, Nora Roberts and others.

The story is multi-layered, without being overly complicated or confusing.

The main storyline involves a ritual murder which recalls the warrior burials of the Vikings. When Louisa Hancock’s father – an expert on Vikings – goes missing, Louisa and her boyfriend, Conor Sullivan, must race against the clock to figure out what’s happening. At the same time, Conor and Louisa get wrapped up in a violent gang war, which may also tie into the Viking killer’s plans.

I had not read the other books in the series but I didn’t feel lost at all. The story does well as a standalone. There are references to old plot lines, but nothing is spoiled for those that want to go back and read the others.

The main mystery was pretty good – it’s one of those “don’t look away until the end,” because it’s not totally done until it’s done. I like books like that, because they don’t let you rest until you’re done. You don’t lose interest because it’s all solved.

There’s also a very creepy resolution- not to give anything away but it’s really….twisted, blurring the line between victim and perpetrator/good and evil. It makes you think, which is good.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to revisiting some of these characters in future books. I will be picking up the others in this series.

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