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My Not So Perfect Life by Sophia Kinsella

My Not So Perfect LifeMy Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As soon as I saw Sophia Kinsella’s new book was available for review, I jumped on it. I am a big fan of Kinsella, who is probably most famous for her Shopaholic series, but who also writes some amazing standalones.

While some classify her as “chick lit,” she really is the master of creating hilarious, slapstick-style books which also add in a touch of drama. Just enough, in my opinion.

I’m so happy to say that “My Not So Perfect Life” is yet another winner for Kinsella.

The story centers on Katie Brenner who is trying to make a successful career in London. However her boss is a bit of a nightmare, with her Instagram perfect life, compared to Katies’ efforts to make it look like she has everything together. When Katie gets fired she has to move back home and help her father and stepmother with a new vacation venue on the family farm – “glamping.” When her old boss shows up as a guest, Katie discovers that everything she sees online may not be exactly as it seems.

It’s a fairly simple premise – someone trying to live up to the social-media filtered perfection they think their friends are experiencing- but Kinsella adds in her traditional humor and wacky characters which round out the plot into a great story. I laughed out loud at some points, I cringed at some of Katie’s awkwardness at others – you really feel so engrossed in the book.

I did get frustrated with Katie a little bit when she seems so focused on one thing that she really “couldn’t see the forest for the trees,” but I think that was really part of the overall concept which is that sometimes we get so focused on our online lives that we don’t end up living our actual “real world” lives.

I guessed the major “twist” fairly early on, but I didn’t really hold that against the book – I did, however wonder why it wasn’t revealed sooner, since it was hinted at so strongly. Maybe taking away some of that foreshadowing or somehow revealing things sooner would bump it up to 5 stars.

Overall, I really liked this book. Fans of Kinsella’s other works will love it, as will new fans! Highly recommended.

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