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Expecting to Die by Lisa Jackson

Expecting to Die (To Die, #7)Expecting to Die by Lisa Jackson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Full disclosure: I love Lisa Jackson’s romantic suspense novels. She knows how to craft a book that is creepy, intriguing and incredibly addicting.

And I’m happy to say that “Expecting to Die” is another winner!

The novel is a decidedly modern take on teenage drama, murder and – wait for it – the hunt for Bigfoot. Somehow Jackson is able to weave all of these elements into a tale that keeps you guessing and wanting more.

The story opens with the murder of a pregnant local teen, whose body is discovered during a teenage drinking party by homicide detective Regan Pescoli’s daughter, Bianca. More frightening is that Bianca says she discovered the body after being chased down a steep bank by a big, hairy creature that many in the town are quick to assume is a Sasquatch. As media attention focuses on the small town of Grizzly Falls and its teenage population, more bodies turn up, and Pescoli and her partner have to untangle what’s going on in the mountains.

Once the story got going, I really enjoyed the “fresh” elements of the story: reality television, social media, etc. are all big points in the story, since much of the storyline focuses on the teenage crowd that surrounds Bianca. And figuring out who knows who, who’s sleeping with who is incredibly intriguing, as you are just pushed into the drama. It’s like a murderous, delicious “Gossip Girl.”

I hadn’t read the other in Jackson’s Grizzly Falls series before this book, but had no problems picking it right up. In fact, it made me disappointed in myself that I had been slacking and hadn’t gotten into the Pescoli/Alvarez storyline yet! (My favorite is the New Orleans series!)

The four stars come in because after reading (and rereading) some parts, I still am a little unclear about the ending. Some elements were very clearly laid out, but one in particular is still unclear to me. Maybe once others pick this one up, we can discuss. It’s also a kind-of depressing take on the teenage crowd (similar to “The Most Dangerous Place on Earth”). You don’t come out with a lot of faith in the next generation.

But overall, I really enjoyed this book. I stayed up late last night to finish it because I had to know how it ended.

Highly recommended.

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