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Ill Will by Dan Chaon

Ill WillIll Will by Dan Chaon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars.

This book was interesting. It’s got some great mysteries (two main ones to be precise) in it, but the main character, Dustin Tillman, is a a spacy, damaged man, and the story reflects that vibe. It can be frustrating, but overall, I liked it.

The core of the book is very good and shows a lot of potential – the multiple storylines are well done and incredibly interesting.

Dustin was 13 when he and his twin female cousins, sleeping over in a camper in Dustin’s driveway before a family vacation, found their parents murdered inside the house. Dustin and Kate, one of the twins, testified against Dustin’s adopted brother, saying he killed the four adults in a Satanic ritual. Thirty years later, Rusty has been acquitted, and Dustin and his family are living peacefully in Cleveland, when one of Dustins patients presents him with an intriguing mystery: are young men in Northeastern Ohio simply drowning after two much to drink or are they the target of a serial killer? As these two worlds collide, everyone finds themselves drawn into a dangerous mystery.

The writing style of the book is not typical. It flies not only between narrators but also time periods and events, all of which come together to form the bigger picture of the two mysteries. I didn’t mind it so much, but I could see how it wouldn’t be for everyone.

Also, the ending is kind of vague. Most of the questions seem to be answered by characters at different points, but there’s no “revealing scene” to confirm, “OK so-and-so was correct, this happened.” And there are some new questions which are not answered.

I’d love to hear more thoughts on this book. I really was drawn into the story and I’d love to hear thoughts on the ending.


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