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Review: Down a Dark Road by Linda Castillo

Down a Dark Road (Kate Burkholder, #9)Down a Dark Road by Linda Castillo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I grew up near several Amish communities and know as well as anyone that they’re generally about as normal and boring as anyone; they simply belong to a different, more intense religious practice. But there’s something about any secretive religious sect that is just fascinating and, when written about in the right way can add a creepy feeling to a good story.

Linda Castillo strikes that balance yet again in the latest Kate Burkholder novel. This book was a great ride, from beginning to end.

Kate – an ex-Amish police chief – becomes embroiled in what was thought to be a closed case when her former childhood friend, convicted of the murder of his wife, escapes from prison and takes his four children and Kate hostage. He insists that he didn’t kill his wife and begs Late to look into it. Then he lets her go. As Kate begins to investigate, she realizes that maybe Joseph wasn’t as guilty as everyone thinks he was. If that’s the case, who really killed his wife? Or is Late blinded by her childhood memories and unable to see the truth?

This novel starts at a running pace and doesn’t let up. It was just a thrill from start to finish and Castillo pulls no punches, adding details that really pull you in and make you gasp. I loved it.

I guessed the gist of the ending, but I didn’t mind it, since there’s so many questions about how the bigger picture will turn out. (I’m really trying not to spoil things so I hope all that makes sense.) There’s a lot questions involved so there’s more than enough to keep you interested.

However, at least one of my questions didn’t get answered, which is why it’s a four-star read instead of a five-star.

Overall, I loved it and am completely hooked on the Kate Butkholder series. Highly recommended

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4 thoughts on “Review: Down a Dark Road by Linda Castillo

  1. fantastic review!! I’m quite fascinated by the Amish every time I read a Kate Burkholder novel. Maybe I wouldn’t’ be if I would live closer and see them daily or often enough so they’d lose their uniqueness. ;D Until that happens, I’m still as curious as hell.


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