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#BlogTour: Lead Me Home by CS Savage

B L O G B L I T Z (1)

About the Book

As an overworked NHS psychiatrist, Dr Clancy Mclean is used to dealing with mental illness.  But she is stressed –  trying to balance her career and the needs of her only child, Rowan.  And she has her work cut out trying to keep her patients well. She knows two of them are psychotic, and becoming overwhelmed by their voices. If they act on them it could prove disastrous.

Rowan is troubled. Her boyfriend is abusive but she doesn’t want to end the relationship – she’s too scared of being lonely. Can she find someone else to keep her company?

And, as if Clancy doesn’t have enough to worry about, another of her patients is paranoid and convinced she is being stalked. Is it just a symptom of her mental illness?

Because there is a stalker on the prowl and he is getting closer to his victim with each passing day.

Lead Me Home – CS Savage (1)

My Review

4/5 Stars – Highly Recommended

I feel like I have whiplash after reading this book! It’s such a great ride from start to finish, with enough going on to keep you turning pages until the very end. I was so absorbed in each of the three main storylines; they were well-balanced throughout the book, giving you just enough to keep you interested in each until the novel is finished.

And what an ending it is – I can’t wait until the next installment – I need more! It’s definitely possible that this will be the start of a great series, especially as fascinating as Clancy’s job is and as much as she cares about helping her patients.

This novel has a great premise and was very well-written. Any fan of thrillers will enjoy this one.

About the Author

CS+SavageCS Savage is a psychiatrist, and a life long fan of mystery/suspense and crime fiction.

She works and lives in South London with her family and two dogs, but spends as much time as she can in her Lake District retreat.

She followed her life long ambition to write two years ago, and is an alumni of the Faber academy.

Lead Me Home is her debut novel, and she is currently working on the sequel.


Twitter @sarahsavage26



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