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#BlogBlitz: The Butcher’s Daughter by Jane E. James


About the Book

When Natalie Powers returns home for the first time in thirteen years, she must convince everyone she has fully recovered from the mental illness, which has seen her institutionalised for most of her young life.

    But instead of being welcomed back, Natalie enters a baffling world of deception. She must fight her way through the lies in order to discover the truth about her mother’s suddendisappearance sixteen years earlier. To do this, Natalie must also try to make sense of the hazy memories from the past that continue to haunt her.

    In the village of Little Downey, everybody appears to harbour a mysterious secret, including her father, Frank, the village butcher, who refuses to discuss the circumstances surrounding Natalie’s mother’s disappearance, but who can Natalie trust if not her own father? Especially when it becomes clear her protector and confidante, Dr Moses, is not all he appears.

    Meanwhile, a spate of unexplained clifftop suicides has seen the seaside resort go into decline. Are the villagers somehow involved or is something more sinister at work?

    Determined to find out what happened to her mother, Natalie must make sure her own frailty and self-doubt does not catapult her back to the mental institution before she can uncover the truth


My Review

5/5: A horror story with twists around every corner!

This book is part slasher flick – with plenty of bloody surprises – and part psychological thriller – complete with a well-developed storyline that I couldn’t predict. I was feverishly turning pages to see how it would all turn out!

I’m still digesting (pun intended for those familiar with the book 😉 ) the ending and all the plot points, which makes the book even more intriguing, because it still feels like an ongoing, moving thing. I’ll probably need to read it again just to make sure I’ve captured all the details and nuance in the story.

It’s hard to talk about the characters without giving spoilers, but suffice it to say that all of the characters are complicated and really adds that extra layer to things. I can’t say that I loved any of the characters, but I didn’t hate any of them either … it’s complicated, lol. It is really refreshing to see a horror novel develop characters so fully like that.

Honestly, if you love horror stories, pick up this book right now. You will not be disappointed.

About the Author

B5F5BF42-82FB-4B6E-B6EF-EE5D32DDEBA1Jane is an author of dark fiction and psychological thrillers. She comes from an editorial and marketing background and when she isn’t being mysterious, like her books, she enjoys living the ‘good life’ in the Cambridgeshire countryside with her husband and Jack Russell Terrier.

Her chilling suspense thriller ‘The Crying Boy’, which was inspired by actual events, became an overnight best seller when it was published by Bloodhound Books in early 2017. Jane’s most recent novel, The Butcher’s Daughter (out May 2019) is a tense and haunting psychological thriller.

Visit Jane’s website or catch up with her on Facebook and Twitter, but bring wine and Monster Munch…


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