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#BlogTour: The Killing of the Cherrywood MP by Louise Burfitt-Dons



About the Book

The Killing of the Cherrywood MP is the brilliant second book in the lauded Karen Andersen political thriller series by Louise Burfitt-Dons. In this fast-paced and gripping novel P I Andersen is once again immersed in the world of radical extremism in Britain and about to learn it’s as complicated as it’s deadly.

“Taut, hardboiled, detailed and funny. This is thriller excellence!” – Charlie Flowers

Jihadi brides return from Syria and deradicalised terrorists are released from prison. In reaction extremist right-wing groups proliferate across Europe. The Labour MP for Cherrywood is found murdered and police look for a lone wolf with a personal vendetta against ISIS.

P I Karen Andersen believes it’s not that simple. From the roulette tables of the Ritz to the respectable suburbs of Mainz, she searches for the truth. Does the home to one of Germany’s violent neo-Fascist cells hold the vital clue, or does it lie hidden in the leafy English countryside?


My Review

5/5 Stars – A great second installment in this exciting series!

Once again, it feels like Louise Burfitt-Dons has ripped back the curtain and revealed the intricacies of politics to the Public in this latest Book in the PI Karen Andersen series. (Read my review of the first book here).

I love the complexity of the plot and the challenges the plot presents with things like women coming back from marrying ISIS fighters. It’s something that Britain, the U.S., everyone is contemplating right now and this book plays out some issues and scenarios in a way that we can’t necessarily in the real world, and it was really something that made me think. I like when books make me want to go out into the “real world” and read more about a certain topic.

With Burfitt-Dons’ experience in British politics, she’s able to paint such a realistic picture of things and really make you feel like you’re in on the backroom wheeling and dealings that we hear about on the news. And Karen Andersen is really a kick-ass character to bring it out into the open for us. After reading the last book, I said I agreed that she was a new Lisbeth Salander-type, and this book confirmed that for me. She’s smart, sharp and doesn’t let people push her around.

Overall, this series is a great read for anyone interested in politics and/or current affairs thrillers. I look forward to seeing more from this author.

About the Author

4A3D514C-9C9A-4640-A721-FAADCC845ECCLouise Burfitt-Dons was first introduced to the idea of writing conspiracy fiction on meeting Ian Fleming when he visited her birth country of Kuwait in 1960 and befriended her father. Fast forward forty years to her founding the children’s charity Act Against Bullying in 2000. This had her advising police on the manipulation and cover up tactics of young people, girl gangs and junior cyber stalkers. She believes these are the same devices used by political parties, spies and crooks. They form the background to her thriller stories.

Her first novel (June 5th 2018) The Missing Activist (New Century) was the first in a series starring off the wall P I Karen Andersen.  The plot was inspired by her experiences as a Parliamentary candidate in the UK General Election of 2015. Sequel The Killing of the Cherrywood MP was published on March 18th 2020.  She is currently working on book three in the Karen Andersen series.

Louise is also a screenwriter who has worked with producers in the UK and the US.  Recent films screened on TV include Mother of All Secrets (2018), The Ex Next Door (2019, LifeTime) and Fame at a Deadly Cost (LifeTime 2020).  Not all her work has a dark tone. She loves British comedy and wrote the rom-com Christmas in the Highlands (2019) for Triventure Productions which has also made it on to the international television circuits.

She now lives in Chiswick, West London with her ex-pilot husband Donald. She has two grown up daughters and a seven-month year old granddaughter Dempsie Lee Williams.

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