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Book Release Review: The Castle by Anne Montgomery

About the Book

Maggie, a National Park Ranger, is back at the Castle – an ancient Native American pueblo carved into the face of a limestone cliff in Arizona. Maggie, who suffers from depression, has been through several traumas: the gang rape she suffered while in the Coast Guard, the sudden death of her ten-year-old son, and a suicide attempt. As part of her therapy, Maggie volunteers at the local rape crisis clinic.

Maggie has several men in her life. The baker, newcomer Jim Casey, always greets her with a warm smile and fills pink boxes with sweet delicacies. Brett Collins, a scuba diver, is doing scientific studies in Montezuma Well, a dangerous cylindrical depression that houses a deep spring filled with strange creatures found nowhere else on Earth. Then there’s Dave, with whom she’s had a one-night stand, and her new boss, Glen.

One of these men is a serial rapist, and Maggie is his next target.

The Castle by Anne Montgomery

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

TW: Sexual Assault

This book deals with a tough subject, but the author does a great job of really creating a main character who is so much more than just her traumatic backstory and is worth rooting for as she continues on her road to full recovery.

We see Maggie dealing with learning to trust those around her and her instincts again, while there is indeed a real-life predator in her circle. There’s a lot of suspense as the reader trying to figure out which of the new men in her life is out to hurt her and which she can truly trust. Each has good qualities; each has seemingly negative qualities. The author does a really good job of teasing out the clues and making the reader distrust each person in turn – I know I suspected each guy at a certain point.

The ending was really satisfying and it felt right. I was pleased with where all the characters ended up – can’t give away too much!

And while most of the book is firmly grounded in reality, there is a bit of a supernatural element, which adds just the right touch of something extra to the storyline.

The setting was also really great. I really liked this book and am ready to go explore the Southwest after reading it. If you’re not ready to go explore some National Parks before you read this one, you will be afterward!

Highly recommended!

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