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Review: Best Friends Forever by Margot Hunt

Best Friends ForeverBest Friends Forever by Margot Hunt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Whew. This book was a thrill ride from start to finish. It sort of reminded me of an episode of “Real Housewives,” but with murder and mayhem in addition to the cocktails and catfights.

The book opens in the middle of the action and explains things as the story progresses: Alice is making breakfast when the police arrive to question her about the recent death of her best friend’s husband. Apparently, they don’t believe it was just a drunken accident – and with Kat MIA, Alice is left wondering how well she really new her glamorous, but perhaps manipulative, bestie.

I really enjoyed this one. It has all the makings of a great escapist read: mystery, sex, money! Oh my! And it has a great sense of foreboding that really grows throughout the book- as things become clear, the tension really grows and explodes. There’s enough twists and turns that kept me guessing that I didn’t put all the pieces together until it was revealed. There were also some scenes/scenarios I did not see coming that really shocked me.

And the ending is quite a little explosion of revelations. I really didn’t see all that coming. That’s about all I can say without giving anything away.

I really would like to see these characters again in the future, possibly. Or maybe a prequel or something that gives us more of a look into their world. I would definitely be open to reading more about these people – I was totally sucked into their world and I want more!

I am also excited to see more from this author in the future, no matter the characters. I’m sure there’s more stories brewing that will keep us entertained for a long time!

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Author Q&A: Affinity Konar, “Mischling”


To celebrate the paperback release of the amazing and emotional read, “Mischling,” I got a chance to ask author Affinity Konar some questions about the novel. I am a big fan of her debut work so I am thrilled to share her answers with you!

And if you haven’t read the book yet, go get a copy; you won’t be disappointed.

Why was this subject important for you to write about?
It was so important to me actually, that I wanted to not write it. My family left Poland in 1932, and were harbored safely in America, so while I was growing up I always felt pulled back to the period, and to what could have been, if my ancestors weren’t offered this refuge. I think it’s necessary to live with that warning in the back of your mind, especially today, to let it echo in remembrance. When I was a teenager, I found the story of the twins in Children of the Flames by Lucette Lagnado, and so many of the testimonies approached questions of to how to retain one’s own humanity, how to survive, resist, and attempt to restore oneself after unimaginable trauma. After I read that, I couldn’t stop imagining a conversation between a pair of twins whose bond was their refuge, their means to survival.

How did you find the balance between such a dark subject and an ultimately uplifting story?
The trickiness of finding that balance is one of the reasons that the book took so long to write. One doesn’t want to impose any kind of veneer that might lessen the trauma of a very real experience. But I wanted to pay tribute to stories of incredible endurance that I can’t help but be inspired by, specifically because they arose out of the extreme darkness of Shoah. So managing this element came down to voice for me, in the end. The imagery that arises out of the voices of Stasha and Pearl may be charming, but they function as veils for horror. It was my hope that the very necessity for these veils–or the fact that the girls would resort to such transformative thinking–would magnify the true peril that they endure.

What is your advice to aspiring authors?
I have to quote Sarah Manguso from “300 Arguments”. “I’ve written whole books to avoid writing other books.” That was my life for a long time. Nothing that came out of that avoidance was very good. So I’d say that honoring your desire to write about what scares you most is important. If it’s not terrifying you on a certain level, if might feel necessary enough to bring out the best you have to offer as a writer. Also, oatmeal is cheap and nutritious when times are lean, dogs are good for getting you out of the house, and you should read everything you can, whether you’re drawn to the text or not, because it all informs the kind of stance you’ll take on the page

What are you working on next?
It feels odd to talk about this, because this book has felt like my life’s work, and I honestly never expected to finish it, much less start another. But I have found myself writing in hotel rooms while touring, so I guess I won’t be stopping any time soon? It’s currently in chaos, but it’s a chaos centered by a search for meaning and restoration, and I suspect that this is an element that will always be afoot in whatever I attempt to do.

About the Author

2894415Affinity Konar was raised in California. While writing MISCHLING, she worked as a tutor, proofreader, technical writer, and editor of children’s educational workbooks. She studied fiction at SFSU and Columbia. She is of Polish-Jewish descent, and currently lives in Los Angeles.

She dearly misses writing about Pearl and Stasha, and is grateful to any reader who might find the company of the twins.

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Author Q&A: Justin W.M. Roberts

34122259I’m thrilled to be able to talk with another author about work and their craft. Justin W.M. Roberts, author of the action-packed “The Policewoman,” took some time to share his thoughts on his characters and his experiences as a writer.

– Where did the idea for this novel come from?

Drug trafficking is a problem faced by every country. It’s big business and it’s a matter of time drug cartels will try to take over a country.


– This novel not only had action, but a lot of emotion too – laughter, romance, etc. How did you balance that in your writing?

Well, the life a real police officer is not one action sequence to the next. In fact, 99% of it is boring. This book is art imitating the life of a police officer, albeit an extraordinary life.

– Why did you choose a female protagonist? 

Good question! This book is more of a military action thriller than a crime fiction novel. Since there aren’t any female officers in the UK’s Special Air Service, I need the main protagonist to be a female so there can be a romance element in the book.

– What authors do you enjoy reading in your spare time?

I enjoy reading Tom Clancy, JK Rowling, Andy McNab, and Chris Ryan

– What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Just write! Send your work to a lot of people so they can send their feedback.

– What are you working on next?

The Policewoman is book one of a series. I’m currently writing the sequel.

About the Author

Justin W.M. Roberts was born in London, son of a British Army General, and grew up in Hong Kong, Germany, and England. After graduating from Hull university with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Psychology, he continued traveling and living Europe, Africa, and Asia.

He currently lives in Indonesia where he is an analyst of political affairs and an active promoter of secular humanism.

Authors of military thrillers are welcome to PM him (on Goodreads) for book reviews.

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People Magazine also loves “Damaged”

I was reading the new issue of People Magazine this week, when I saw that they gave a shout-out to Lisa Scottoline’s new novel, Damaged, out now!


I recently reviewed Damaged on Goodreads and loved it! Check it out below:
Damaged (Rosato & DiNunzio, #4)Damaged by Lisa Scottoline
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First things first: This book is fourth in a series, but can be read as a standalone.Some of the story lines continue, but readers can pick up on them quick enough.

“Damaged,” is about a lawyer named Mary who gets involved in a straightforward case: A young boy is being denied the special education services he needs to be successful. He was also involved in an altercation with a teacher’s aid at school and Mary is representing him.

The case quickly becomes more complicated than it first appears and Mary becomes heavily personally involved, perhaps too much, just as she’s getting ready to get married.

There is a bit of a “mystery” element but the main meat the story is in the characters and their journey together. And you really do begin to care about these characters and what happens to them. I and put the book down for the last third. I really loved this book.

This book hits you right in the feels. It’s gut-wrenching at points, from the young boy who is at risk of losing everything, to the family matters which are at the heart of the novel. The emotion is palpable and makes this read very worthwhile.

It’s not for those looking for a high-action thriller, it’s for people looking for a good story about good people. It’s all in those emotions.

I will be reading more from this author and more books in the series, hands down.

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