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Review: Pull Focus by Helen Walsh

Pull Focus by Helen Walsh

Jane is helming the Worldwide Toronto Film Festival after her boss is accused of sexual harassment, and as the most stressful week of her life begins, Jane’s on-again-off-again boyfriend disappears and Jane gets word that he (and she) might be in big trouble. As the world and the festival swirls chaotically around her, Jane isn’t sure who she can trust and how she’s going to get out of this mess.

This book was a fascinating look inside the film industry and the corporate world behind it. As someone not too familiar with the inner working of the film world, I enjoyed getting a peek behind the curtain, as it were. Jane has to navigate not only all the stressful things like possible money laundering and anonymous threats, but she has to then keep her cool and schmooze with VIPs and play politics to keep sponsors happy and the film festival funded. It was really an interesting balance.

The ending was really good. I enjoyed seeing how all of the threads played out. There are a lot of layers to the story, and the author did a very good job of making them all coincide into a believable and cohesive ending.

Jane was also a great character. She was strong and very intense, the perfect powerful female to helm a mystery/thriller like this. She was also likable, not made out to be some pushy, over-the-top character like authors end up making their female leads. I really enjoyed getting to see her in action and I liked her as a character.

Overall, this book is perfect for anyone looking for an action-focused mystery/thriller with a strong female lead. It will satisfy your cravings for a feminist heroine and provide a good mystery to boot!

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